Strong first showing in League Competition – Continued Growth Ahead!

Manager’s Post:

As the league season winds down, we are extremely encouraged by our first season of true league play. Starting extremely strong, we eventually fell victim to injury, and roster changes, still finishing in the middle of the pack amongst teams/ clubs that have been established for decades. Couldn’t be prouder of our young men!!!

We will be training for our final 2 tournament events of the Season, and will finish strong. With CMSC ( our Club) tryouts upcoming, and the amount of interest generated, our growth and positioning is guaranteed to progress, starting in the Fall ( yes, ladies squads in addition to men’s expansion teams will be formed). Stay tuned to our site, and CMSC’s tryout page for exciting opportunities. The Collegiate Coaching and field offerings will solidify a much needed, top notch, soccer offering for our region.


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