ASFC will soon be recruiting volunteer recreation league coaches.

If you love watching your kid play soccer, imagine how much fun it would be to watch a whole team of “your kids” take the field.

No previous coaching experience is necessary to volunteer as a rec league coach. All you need is a love of the game and a commitment to good, healthy sportsmanship.

It’s hard to describe what you get back when you volunteer to coach a rec league team. Knowing that you are having a positive impact on a roster full of kids. Experiencing the esprit de corps that’s exclusive to team sports. Watching your players demonstrate the sportsmanship and commitment that you helped to foster. The rewards are limitless and priceless.

The time requirement is just one practice weekly and one game on Saturday.

If you are interested in coaching a rec team, when the time comes, please submit the contact form below. We’ll keep you posted!

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